Update from Warren

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  • Wednesday, July 3, 2013
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  • Dave
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  • One of the nicest compliments and curses that can happen to a writer is to have his book made into a movie. I’m in the midst of trying to make such a process happen right now, and I’m working with producers Lloyd Levin and Larry Gordon, who produced great films from Die Hard to Predator to The Rocketeer to the Hellboy series and The Watchmen, oh my God, Field of Dreams, Boogie Nights, Mystery Men. These are awesome producers. So, at this point, since I’m kind of doing a quick rewrite of the whole movie, I’ll have to postpone blogs for a couple of weeks. But I promise I’ll come back with some interesting stuff. (The Face of the Day on Twitter, FB and Goodreads never stops, of course.) 



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