Unusual Prophecies

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  • Friday, May 24, 2013
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  • What if you could see the future? Would you want to know what lies ahead, or are you happy not knowing what awaits you? If you didn't like your future, would you try to change it? Are prophecies destined to be, or are they self-fulfilling? Questions like these illustrate why we are so fascinated by prophecy, be it something foretold by a historical figure like Nostradamus, a religious prophet, or a prophecy in fiction.

    When researching my thrillers, I often find myself in some strange corners of the internet: conspiracy theory message boards, cryptozoology forums, and sites dedicated to strange history. In my forthcoming novella, Freedom, my protagonists are out to solve a mystery dating back to the time of the American Revolution. As you can imagine, I had a great time researching Colonial-Era people and places. One of my most interesting finds was George Washington's Prophecy.

    Legend has it, while at Valley Forge, Washington was visited by an angel who foretold three great trials America would endure: The American Revolution, The Civil War, and another conflict in which all the world would rise up against us. Unfortunately, the prophecy seems to be a Civil War-era fabrication. The beauty of fiction, however, is that an author can play the "What if?" game. If you'd like to see how my co-author, Sean Sweeney, and I wove this prophecy into my latest adventure story, be sure to check out Freedom on May 28. 


    William Dietrich said...

    Interesting about George Washington. Napoleon also supposedly received prophecies - from a gnome called 'The Little Red Man' - and I've written that into my Ethan Gage series. Great men often seem to have had a strong sense of destiny - Lincoln is another example.

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